Culture on the Doorstep



Across Yorkshire, four Local Cultural Partnerships are exploring how place-based learning, within the context of a 15-minute neighbourhood, can build the cultural capital of children and young people. LeedsCEP, Create Sheffield, Evoke Kirklees, and Spark Wakefield are running pilot programmes in their communities between September 2022 and December 2023.  

Leeds Creative Lab brought together an interdisciplinary team, from arts, education, and community-based planning, to support the development of a shared research question for the four regional partnerships. In partnership with LeedsCEP we have led the design and delivery of the Leeds-based activities, securing resourcing for the programme. 


This project explores the relationships between place and creative learning, and what this means for cultural capital in the school curriculum. In partnership with two primary schools, we are co-creating creative place-based activities that embrace the people, places, cultures, and knowledge held within their communities. These draw on resources within the local community and cultural infrastructure around the schools.

Our work provides an opportunity for meaningful curriculum innovation, one that enables schools to consider creativity and culture within place-based learning across their curriculum as a means of valuing and embedding the lived worlds of young people. 


2022 – 2023 


Leeds Cultural Education Partnership 

Greenmount Primary School 

Seacroft Grange Primary School 

Made with Music 

Working Class Film School 

University of Leeds 


IVE / Arts Council England 


University of Leeds 


Working in partnership with Greenmount Primary and Seacroft Grange, and their teachers, young people, community members and local organisations, we are delivering a suite of interrelated activities. Our approach emphasises the innate knowledge of place that young people and the community hold and encourages a collaborative approach across ages and organisations 



Seacroft Grange Primary School and Made with Music

Beeston Community Walk with Hafsah Naib


  • Dr Briony Thomas, Principal Investigator  
  • Dr Morgan Campbell, Co-Investigator: Participatory Action Research 
  • Dr Jamie Marsden, Co-Investigator: Material Culture 
  • Sylwia Orynek, Research Assistant 
  • Molly Packwood, Project Manager 
  • Tanya Williamson, Library Research Support
  • Sarah Westaway, Co-Investigator: Education, Leeds City Council 
  • Kate Fellows, Advisory Group, Leeds Museums and Galleries 
  • Alex Ferris, Advisory Group, Leeds Playhouse 
  • Leanne Kirkham, Advisory Group, Northern Ballet
  • Hafsah Naib, Working Class Film School 
  • Hannah Dilworth, Made with Music 
  • Kathryn Sturman, Made with Music 
  • David Wilson, Creative Arts Lead and Year 3 teacher 
  • Lisa Dixon, Headteacher 
  • Lee Hartley, Humanities Lead 
  • Amy Carter, Year 2 teacher  
  • Danielle Lota, Year 3 teacher 
  • Chris Florey, Headteacher
  • Paolo Feroleto, FERO Studio 
  • Sarah Jenkins, Jenesys Associates


The Culture on the Doorstep project is supported by IVE, the Arts Council England Bridge Organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber, the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, and the University of Leeds.