Talking About Health



Attending school is a significant challenge for children residing in urban slums in Dhaka. Street schools, night schools and informal schooling run by NGOs and volunteers have come to play a major role within poor urban communities. Our project seeks to explore the potential for a creative education intervention to build health literacy with children within these informal settlement schools in Bangladesh.


2022 – 2023


This scoping study seeks to explore seeks engage key stakeholders in the co-design of an arts-health intervention. It seeks to evidence of the educational priorities and needs of the urban slum communities in Dhaka, and support mutual understanding of potential opportunities, challenges, and constraints.


  • To understand the need for innovative approaches to talk about health and well-being with children and young people.
  • To identify and develop context-specific feasible and sustainable interdisciplinary approaches and tools that will have a long-term impact in changing the behaviour in these communities.


  • Dr Briony Thomas, Principal Investigator (Arts)
  • Dr Mahua Das, Co-Principal Investigator (Health)
  • Professor Zahidul Quayyum, Co-Investigator
  • Sabrina Mustabir Jaigrid, Research Coordinator 
  • Professor Rumana Huque, Co- Investigator
  • Dr Deepa Barau, Co-Investigator
  • Nabila Binth Jahan, Research Assistant 
  • Maisha Ahsan, Research Assistant 


This project is supported by Crucible funding for interdisciplinary research from the Horizons Institiute at the University of Leeds.